How to operate the rolling machine safely?


  1. The bending machine must be managed by a specially assigned person.

  2. The operator must be familiar with the structural performance and use method of the rolling machine,and the operation can only be carried out with the consent of the responsible management personnel.

  3. Check whether the safety device is in good condition before starting the machine.

  4. During operation,it is strictly forbidden to put hands and feet on rollers,transmission parts and workpieces.

  5. After the work is interrupted,the clutch should be set to neutral.

  6. There must be a special person to direct the multi person cooperative operation.

  7. Overload work is strictly prohibited.

  8. The lifting and overturning bearing of the upper roll,the toppling reset of the upper roll and the balance of the upper roll must be carried out after the main drive is shut down.

  9. It is forbidden to pile up workpieces and sundries in the work site,so as to keep the machine tool and site clean at all times.

  10. After operation,the power supply shall be cut off and the power box shall be locked