Structure introduction and operation regulation of bending machine


  The bending machine consists of a bracket,a worktable and a clamping plate. The worktable is placed on the bracket,and the worktable is composed of a base and a pressing plate. The base is connected with the clamping plate through a hinge. The base is composed of a base shell,a coil and a cover plate. The coil is placed in the depression of the base shell,and the top of the depression is covered with a cover plate,Thus,the clamping of the thin plate between the pressing plate and the base can be realized. Because of the electromagnetic force clamping,the pressing plate can be made into a variety of workpiece requirements,and the workpiece with side wall can be processed,and the operation is very simple.

  The operating procedures of the bending machine are as follows:

  1. The operator must be familiar with the general structure and performance of the equipment,and it is forbidden to use the equipment beyond the performance

  2. The operator must master the "three good" and "four skills" of the equipment used and use and maintain the equipment according to the "four requirements" of equipment maintenance

  3. Before starting,add grease according to the equipment lubrication regulations,check the oil quantity and quality of the oil cup,and cover the oil cup hole

  4. Before working,the upper and lower blades should be aligned first,and the blade clearance should be determined according to the thickness of the steel plate to be cut. Generally,the thickness of the plate to be cut is between 5% and 7%. Each time the clearance is adjusted,the flywheel should be turned manually to make the upper and lower blades move back and forth once,and use a feeler gauge to check whether the clearance is appropriate

  5. According to the requirements of shearing workpiece,loosen the bolt of positioning retaining frame,adjust the size and position of the baffle plate,and make it firm. Before operation,it is necessary to test run for 2-3 times to confirm that the lubrication is good and the operation is normal

  6. It is forbidden to loosen the blocking device or adjust the blade gap by knocking. When adjusting the guide rail gap and blade gap,stop the machine before proceeding. It is forbidden to enter the cutting area by hand or pick up materials by hand during the operation

  7. The blade edge must be kept sharp. If damaged,worn or dull,it should be grinded or replaced in time

  8. When cutting plates of different thickness and materials,the pressure of the pressure plate spring and blade clearance should be adjusted properly to prevent the spring from breaking or damaging the edge.